All golf players in both the men’s and women’s categories, over 18 years old, who are in possession of a valid golf license issued by their corresponding National Federation, will be able to participate in any Emerald Golf Tour event. The maximum number of participants will be 72 players per championship, and the organization reserves the right to include a courtesy match, if necessary, for any of its Memberships.


Emerald Golf Tour 2018 competition calendar:

  • Golf Santander (Madrid) June the 30th.
  • Real Club de Golf el Prat (Barcelona) October, 27th.
  • Real Club Sevilla Golf (Sevilla) December, 1st.
  • FINAL. La Reserva Sotogrande May, 3th 2019.



The inscription shall be completed exclusively in our website  You will find detailed information on personal data filling and payment method. The participant will be able to pay both with credit and debit cards via website. The registration deadline for the events is fifteen days before the tournament selected or when the participation quota is filled. Those players who wish to register can also do this via bank transfer. They need to send an email through the contact page, and in less than 24 hours the organization will contact them.

Tournament format:

The tournament will follow Individual Stableford format for all the categories.

Categories per tournament:

Clasifications will be established following these categories:

  • First category
  • Second category
  • SENIOR (+50 years old)

Players with Exact Handicap may participate up to 36.4. However, the handicap will be limited to 26.4. It is the player’s responsibility that the Handicap (Exact and Playing) shown on the game card is his own one. May there be are any differences, the Rules of Golf (R.6-2b) published by the R.F.E.G shall be automatically applied.

Game schedule:

Participants will start playing in strict order of handicap. The organization will be in charge of organising and communicating the players during the Gala dinner.

Awards per tournament:

  • Winners of each category
  • Second qualified of each category
  • Award to the hole in one worth 400.000€ in 4 par 3 (revisar traducción) of the tournament.
  • Closest ball in all par 3 (revisar traducción)
  • Longest drive.


In the event that a player wins in two different categories, his classification will always prevail over the highest economic value of the prize, and if these are equal, the following order will prevail: Scratch, Handicap and Senior.


Ranking General Emerald 2018:

The General ranking involves all the players of the Emerald Golf Tour, and establishes an order based on the number of Emerald Points achieved in each event. The awarding of Emerald Points is established under an INDISTINCT UNIQUE HANDICAP classification, among the 70 best classified participants of the tournament and under the following table.
In the case of NOT distributing the entire prize pool because the number of players was less than 70, these will be accumulated for the Grand Final prize pool that will give a total of 50.000.000 Emerald Points among all its participants. Any modification of the regulation is reserved to the direction of the tournament, if it is deemed necessary.

Rules of the game:

The rules of the game will be established by the Tournament Management / Club Competition Committee

Competition Committee:

Looking for the greatest benefit in the interest of the tour, there is a Competition Committee which shall ensure compliance with this Regulation and decide and interpret all cases of discrepancy that may arise. Their decision on any subject is final. This committee shall be formed by the organizer and a representative of the club where each tournament is held.


Buggies are permitted in accordance with the club regulations.


Distance measuring devices:

The use of devices which measure distances is allowed.



In the event that a tournament must be cancelled due to force majeure (rain, thunderstorm, etc.) the tournament committee will determine if the tournament is valid or not. In principle, in order for the tournament to be valid, it will be taken as a reference that at least 50% of the players registered in the tournament have finished as indicated by the RFEG. In the event that a tournament is cancelled and is not considered as valid, this will be held again on another date that will be communicated to the players and that will be subject to the availability of the CLUB (Registrations will be returned to those who can’t attend on the new date). If the tournament is declared valid, the inscriptions will not be returned to all those players who have started the game and who have not finished (unless the club’s policy allows otherwise).



Any complaint or reportable event must be notified in writing to the organization within a maximum period of 24 hours after the corresponding tournament.



If during the game the committee observes that a player violates one or several rules (R.32-2 REFG), this one will be disqualified and expelled from the field, writing a statement of what happened to their corresponding Federation and being expelled in a PERPETUAL manner from any event organized by Sports Unlimited Europe S.L.

The tournament committee will decide regarding any topic related to the organization and interpretation of these regulations, and will make the necessary changes to benefit the development of the tournament.


Award ceremony:

The awards ceremony will be held the same day of the tournament, after the player’s lunch.