The born of an exclusive project, Emerald Golf Tour

I’ve got a secret to tell you.

It’s a secret from my childhood.

When i was twelve i liked playing sports, and there was one in particular that i took very seriously ,since i has the chance to compete.

I played football, basketball, tennis, swimming and cycling. My mum used to say i was best at basketball.

Cycling and tennis were definitely my favourite ones. And there is where my secret started.

At the end of the year i bought a magazine of bicycle components and i did the following:

I took a pen and a piece of paper.

I wrote down how my dream bike would look like.

The only conditioning factor was that there could not be price limitation.

I guess by now you will be questioning what is all this about.

This is simple. Five months ago one of my friends told me about a golf project.


He wanted to create his own dream golf championship.

And what was best of all, this championship had no price limitation. Do you remember about this factor?

Our friendship began only two years ago, but it has been quiet an intense one.

Three weeks ago we had a conversation and talked about this.

We talked about how destiny had brought our dreams together.

He asked me how had i imagined my dream championship. And suddenly we knew that our idea was very similar.

I did not have a dream championship  but i had a very clear idea of what i would expect that day.

I made a drawing and showed it to him.

We both got goosebumps like those we got when he talked to me about the initial project.

I don’t know if this event will become your dream championship, but what i can tell you is that you will be truly surprised.

You have never attended anything similar.

You have never played a golf championship with this features. Promise.

It does not exist.

Emerald Golf Tour will make your golf round unforgettable.


What is Emerald Golf Tour?

Above all, remember that Emerald Golf Tour is not a golf tournament.

Emerald is a unique experience where the best company profiles will get together around a golf course.

It is an exclusive event where players will have everything an authentic professional player nneds when he plays in the European Tour.

This is the great difference with anything you have seen before.

Emerald is a tour with 4 different tournaments held in the best golf courses in Spain.

You can play just one tournament or the four of them.

And here comes the most important difference…

You can’t register by yourself, you have to be invited.


Madrid, Barcelona, Cádiz and Seville.

Or the following golf courses: Golf Santander, Real Club de Golf El Prat, San Roque and Real Club Sevilla Golf.


Is this serious?

Yes, of course.

Let me explain you why.

If i tell you that all tournaments will have Hole in One prizes worth 400.000 euros,

That there will be a live-scoring so you can see your results every four holes.

That there will also be a lucky draw worth 15.000 euros.

And that i have still not told you the best part, and i won’t do it.

What do you think now?

By the way, the first tournament is held on June the 29th and 30th in Golf Santander (Madrid).